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Way more than marketers…they’re experts.

Brian Hunter and Shad Treadaway are Dental Industry Pioneers who are shaking up the Dental Industry. Widely known as theRHINOGUYS, Brian and Shad are practice growth, leadership, branding, and team culture experts. They are founders of the tinyRHINO Group, one of the fastest growing marketing companies in the dental world.
Leading from innovation and experience…
With a combined 40 years of public speaking as well as a prolific history in leading large organizations and building businesses, they are the creators of some of the most powerful growth engines in dentistry including The Dental Patient Multiplier and Implant Patient Multiplier Systems.
Making dentist laugh…hard.
theRHINOGUYS have an incredibly simple and humorous way of talking about very complicated and serious issues within the Dental Industry. Brian and Shad bring both Dental Industry insider and outsider perspectives that equip them to speak to the real life conditions and challenges of dental professionals across the nation.
Inspiring dentists into the future…
Problem-solvers at heart, theRHINOGUYS are striving hard to identify both the current and future challenges facing the dental world. They continue to inspire dentists to success and are innovating and creating systemic solutions to help move the entire dental industry forward.
Understanding the
social media age
The Patient’s Perspective

Consumer Buying Habits and Trends

Practice Growth
and Expansion

Personal Leadership Development

Crafting a Healthy
Team Culture

As an event planner, I know how vital it is to choose speakers that leave a lasting impression, and Brian and Shad do just that. Their unique and entertaining stage presence is full of quality content and is delivered in such a way that exudes empathy, compassion, and empowerment.

Melissa Turner, KOL, BASDH, RDHEP, EFDA
Co-Founder - National Mobile Dentistry Conference

If you want your audience highly engaged no matter what the topic - Brian and Shad are the guys to make it happen. They deliver thought provoking and educational content in an entertaining way that inspires people to action.

Joe Fogg
Founder/CEO - OnDiem

tinyRhino, Shad and Brian, are a bright and energetic team taking dental practice marketing to the next level. They are tech savvy, creative innovators creating a positive disruptive wave that everyone will want to ride.

Dr. Michael Miyasaki, DDS
Miyasaki Dental, CDO Danville Materials, Founder of Principle-Based Dentistry


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